The MetaBar is a platform that creates whisky NFT’s that are backed up by a physical bottle of whisky. Each bottle will be one in a series of a limited edition run created by world renowned master blenders.

Each NFT can be redeemed for the physical bottle of whisky which corresponds to that NFT, The MetaBar will store the physical bottle for the consumer and the NFT which acts as proof of authenticity will be burned once the physical bottle is redeemed.

The MetaBar aims to release different series of bespoke limited edition scotch whisky.

The first series called “Dram Code” will be a run of 250 bottles.

Single Cask bottlings are by definition unique. The magic of Scotch Whisky is that the spirit will mature differently in every cask with the result that no two barrels of Scotch Whisky are identical.

The art of the master blender is to assess hundreds of casks to discover small parcels of exceptional quality that he knows can be nurtured to produce a truly exceptional Scotch Whisky.

The production and storage of Scotch Whisky is one the most highly regulated production processes in the world. Once bottled the Scotch will continue to be insured and secured within a UK Government authorised bonded warehouses until your NFT is redeemed.

To redeem your bottle of whisky, your NFT will be burned and your bottle will be distributed to you as per the terms and conditions

Shipping fees and duty will be charged to purchaser on redemption of the bottle of whisky depending on what region you live in. 

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