How It All Started

With the growth of NFTs over the past 18 months we recognised an opportunity to create NFTs  that are backed up with a physical asset. With an emerging digital market of consumers that were both interested in purchasing NFTs and looking for investment it made sense to pair these two together by backing NFTs up with Premium Bespoke Scotch Whisky.

Experience & Knowledge

The MetaBar has access to some of Scotland’s finest whisky and whisky distilleries. Renowned Master Blender Ian MacMillan with his depth of experience and knowledge has procured some of the finest casks available. The MetaBar will release into the Metaverse its initial limited edition bottling of only 250 bespoke bottles of Single Malt whisky matured by Ian MacMillan.


At The MetaBar we are looking to build a community where people can come together to learn, share and discover the world of whisky. No matter what level of knowledge you have about whisky, The MetaBar welcomes you to meet like-minded people and share your experiences. First time NFT buyer, Crypto expert?

Join our community and engage with others and help create somewhere that we can discover together.